We are making the best of our enforced confinement. No, we are not ill, but we are in one of the most dangerous age groups for COVID-19 so we are self confining ourselves to our house with only occasional runs to get the groceries we need.

So, we decided to up our game on the podcasts. We will be interviewing more people and getting the interviews up more than once a week.

We have added in a topic for a new podcast. We will be talking about how we maneuver safely through the world in all of the many non-motorized methods. Bikes will be a big part of the discussion but trikes, scooters, hand cycles, wheel chairs and walking with be subjects of our interviews. We have two interviews scheduled, one with Bill Nesper, the Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists; and one with Rheannon Cunningham, a bicycle racer and Austin Police Department officer who is in charge of the bicycle efforts, and that enforcement for cyclists and enforcement of the safe passing ordinance.

We expect to be talking to people riding trikes (like we do) and one of our neighbors about his stint on a hand cycle when he broke his ankle mountain biking off a culvert cover. We have contact with a rider of a powered single wheel skate board. Not exactly human powered but a wheeled vehicle that isn’t a “motor vehicle”.

Make sure you check into both of our podcasts. Growing Old(er)! and It Depends | Riding Safely.

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Long history in the bicycle safety world. League Cycling Instructor and expert witness in human behavior in traffic.

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