We Are All ONE — Mueller Style — COVID-19 2020

Night ten into the post Friday the 13th (of March). Somehow, I predicted that Friday, which turned out to be Friday the 13th, was going to be the last outing for me, or us — me and my husband of 2 ½ years. Now when you have your 79th birthday 9 weeks away, being married for only 2 ½ years is a big deal.

And it was a great night at our pub, BD Riley’s, at what is called St. Practice Day. Not only were friends from the Wisdom Crew there, but more,  I had this great conversation with Greg Weaver — the top guy at Catellus. Great because we spoke of new possibilities for developing what we call ONEderment Central, a great community building place to practice “We Are All ONE,” for a new kind of community center and to fill other unmet needs in our newish Mueller Neighborhood and for our surrounding neighborhood peoples.

Get’s down to it, it is people, the WE of We Are All ONE, that need to make new choices. 

Have you read the theories that the way we have shifted the ecology of the planet has shifted the eco of the planet to bring this virus? Is it a WAKE UP call to how we are living and how we are not living well for the all, the greater oneness, the greater life structures of how everything is connected.

Growing up in the 40’s, yes the 1940s, Two Ton Baker used to sing about “the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone and the ankle bone is connected to the….and”

It is all connected. 

Right now, the energy of fear around the virus and the economy is a danger in itself.

From an energy perspective “fear” has a low vibration — one that can motivate for sure, but also suppress life.

So can our fears of this virus motivate us to more love — to more recognition of how everything is connected and the truth — We Are All ONE?

Touched my face at least 3 times writing this. 11:08PM 3/24/2020

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