While ostensibly a way to get a discount on food and services for our aging population, the Wisdom|crew has become a way for like minded friends to create bonds that support our community and welcome new neighbors. The only qualification is that you have to be over 55 and there is a $20 annual fee for the “Card” that gets the holder discounts at some of the local restaurants and businesses.

What we do.

The Wisdom Walkers is a group that walks regularly and is open to all. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 AM the group starts at Halcyon and after walking two laps around lake park generally stops for coffee and pastries at Halcyon or Lady Quacks.

Here is a link to a short video featuring the Wisdom Walkers.

Ty Tyree

The Women of Wisdom meet every Monday at a local restaurant to take time to talk and catch up. The location varies.

The meet at 2 PM and normally break at 4 PM.

Ani Colt

The Wisdom Guys meet via Zoom or in person from 2 PM to 3:30 PM on the first Friday of every month. Frequently a book is “assigned” and discussed at these meetings.

Ty Tyree

Wisdom|crew web page

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