Growing Old(er)!

We are all doing it.

If you think you would like to spend some time talking with us about Growing Old(er), read these pages and then text GO! to 512-338-4075 and we can talk.


We will talk about retirement, health care, care giving, dating, finances, and serendipity among other topics. We also will talk to people about “Growing” as they age. How are they growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our shows are about 30 minutes long and we hope to be getting at least one out every week.

Of course we want to make it easy to find us, so here are a few links in alphabetical order:

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Send us an email and tell us what you want to talk about. You don’t even have to be old because all of us are growing older one day at a time.


Episode 14: Ani talks with Dr. Susan Kaye: Today, I recorded a session with my friend Susan Kaye, actually Dr. Susan Kaye. Susan is a Ph.D., Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, and Surrogate Partner Specialist. As it says on her website,, she believes that everything begins and ends in connection with our bodies, “I help others to heal and to grow through connecting to this vehicle that takes us through life.” I met her through her work — as I’d been involved in the sexuality world through a journal I published on spirituality and sexuality. Susan and I spoke about the need for healthy touch. Susan is a woman who feels she is doing what she was meant to do in this life. Born in 1949, Susan is going strong in her work and life at age 70!
It was a great gift to do this podcast with Susan and hope it encourages you as well as entertains.

Episode 13: Ani talks with Epiphany Jordan: Epiphany lives out of the box, and this interview with her helped me discover why she is so darn interesting, starting with her parents. Her Jewish grandfather was on the run from the Nazis right before World War Two started. Her mother was born in Palestine and is half Catholic and half Jewish. Her Muslim father was born in India, and grew up in South Africa. Each came to USC for college. Both of her parents were academics in Reno where Epiphany was born. She shares in the interview about her unique spirituality and that one of her core strengths or pillars of her personality is around nurturing. Epiphany is the author of the book Somebody Hold Me, the single person’s guide to nurture human touch, Our recording was done during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said after we are finished with social distancing, “We have a chance to redesign human touch, which has kind of been my mission for a long time.”

Episode 12: Deaton talks to us about her life and how she is dealing with growing old(er)!. She is making a difference in other peoples lives in there second or is it her third career. She is owner and prime operator for Texas Bike Tours. Link to Texas Bike Tours. One of her comments is worth living with, “When something doesn’t go right, I think Oh, wow!. I can’t wait to see what good is going to come out of that.”

Episode 11: We review the three days we spent at the Abundant Living Retreat. Who we talked to, what we heard and a short conversation with George who runs Camp Allen in Navasota, TX. We also talk briefly with our favorite History Nerd, Suzette about her life. Here is a link to the Camp Allen site. Abundant Living is sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Here is a link to the Abundant Living site. Here is a 23 sec video of the group at the closing session.

Episode 10: We get our youngest guest so far. Amy is a 37 year old retired Army Medical Corp Major who has done some amazing things in this world and is now starting the rest of her life with a new husband, new city and a new business.

Episode 9: Ani and Ty talk about Ani’s Growing Old(er)! and ONEderment Central

Episode 8: Virginia S lost her parents as a teenager and forged a successful career in the traditionally man’s world of drafting and engineering. She parlayed that into a career in public service and paid for her own Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Now she is retired and still moving ahead. She is a great story teller so this episode runs a little longer than most. (03/15/2020) Link to Guest Transcript PDF 8

Episodes 7 and Episode 7.5 (a lot of material so we broke it into two chapters): Debbie P gives us some hints about what we need to make our journey into old age work better. If you want to see more about Debbie and her work, check out these links: CareFor and Age Your Way. 03/08/2020 Link to Guest Transcript PDF 7.0 Link to Guest Transcript PDF 7.5

Episode 6 (Growing Old(er)! Host Ty is a guest on John Simmerman’s Active Towns Podcast): John S: Talks with Ty Tyree about Mueller, trikes and how to build a community with activity assets that make it better for everyone. 03/01/2020

Episode 5: Michele G: “I think my point of view is that it doesn’t always turn out the way one planned, expected, or wanted on many levels: financially, emotionally, socially, physically/medically, or independently.” 02/23/2020 Link to Guest Transcript PDF

Episode 4: Veronica C talks about her career and reminisces about her mother and grandmother in Mexico City. 02/16/2020 Link to Guest Transcript PDF

Trailer E4: Quick chat with Veronica about the strong women in her life. 02/10/2020

Episode 3: John T. talks about his career and how he didn’t fully understand how Medicare and Social Security works. He notes that he also didn’t understand his health insurance. 02/09/2020 Link to Guest Transcript PDF

Episode 2: Larry tells about dealing with an elderly relative as he begins to lose the ability to handle his own finances. 02/03/2020 Note: the identity of the guest and his subjects have been disguised due to privacy concerns.

Episode 1: Roger recognizes that he hasn’t planned much but ended up with a pretty good life. 01/22/2020

Future Episodes: We have agreement with a number of folks to be guests on the podcast. That includes a couple of service providers who will converse in Trailers on what things make the aging process easier and better. One is a dentist, one an attorney and one is a Registered Nurse that helps families gather the information that is important when someone gets to the point where they need help on a day to day basis.

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