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Growing Old(er)

A Podcast on Aging Well

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It occurred to us as we were looking at WAAO’s purpose of “Fostering Community,” that one of the best ways we could do that is to give members of all ages in our community an opportunity to express their views and opinions in a forum that makes it easy for everyone to participate.

So we started a podcast called Growing Old(er)! to bring people all ages into a conversation that will, hopefully, provide some ideas about the issues we all have with aging.

It Depends!

A Podcast on Riding Safely

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People ride bicycles, tricycles, e-assist, wheel chairs, scooters and many other kinds of wheeled vehicles. And, they ride in many places, sylvan rural roads, busy city streets, sidewalks, micro mobility infrastructure, paths, trails and group events; just about anywhere!

Therefore, the focus of this podcast will be very broad and talk about riding almost anything, almost anywhere, with almost anyone, and what kind of things a rider should be thinking about before, during and after a ride. 

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