Oh that’s refreshing

Today, I had this great time getting my New York Times account straightened out so I could read all the articles that I want online. Over the last 40+ years I’ve started, cancelled and started again many times. We laughed and when I said it was so nice to talk to a person, he said,”Most people want to talk to a robot.” Later, as we were finishing it up I said, “I read various articles to get inspired.” Pause. “We’re doing some incredible things.” I mentioned what, and said, “Guess how to spell ONEderment. “That sounds like a trick question,” he responded. “Yes, that’s the point.” Slowly he spelled out “O-N-E-D-E…” I interrupted, excited that he got it right. Then I shared about We Are All ONE – WAAO. He said, “Oh, that’s refreshing.”

So, sorry I don’t remember his name.

He said he’d check it out after work. I said, “Well, you have my email.”

Ani Colt

5PM Fri, Aug 30, 2019

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