50 Episodes and 2021 in the mirror

Glad 2021 is behind us and looking forward to an amazing 2022. We are considering changing the name of our podcast as our focus is and has been beyond the discussion of aging. We are talking with people of all ages (at least from 30 to 85) and finding out that not only people are diverse, but what they are doing to help others is also impressively diverse.

We will keep up our special series on Grief and on Ani’s book, Self Love as Spiritual Practice.

And we are expanding our vision to focus on people who are practicing We Are All ONE. We will embrace the paradigm shift that we want to see in our neighborhood and the world: A shift from judging to loving kindness. To recognizing that everyone of us has a place in the whole and our task is to be curious about what people offer us all instead of condemning them for being “different”. We are all different! And unique and worthy of love and respect, and we all are important to the human race.

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