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59 – Self Love 9: Self Love in Relationships

Episode 59: Ani and Truda complete another episode of the Colt and Stansky Show where they dig deeply into the 8th Key to loving yourself in the book Self Love as Spiritual Practice, Nine Keys to Loving Yourself by Ani Colt. They are really amazing together and enjoy the chance to toss out ideas and yes, even to disagree sometimes. Worth listening to.

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58 – Self Love 8: Receive Yourself: Colt and Stransky

Episode 58: Colt and Stransky dig deep into the Seventh Key to loving yourself: Receive Yourself.
Ani Colt, author of Self Love as Spiritual Practice and Truda Stransky,  a Jungian psychoanalyst, are having a great time digging into the Self Love book. As friends they relate and their friendship shows through in these conversations.
Truda mentioned the author Shakti Gawain and her books.  Here is a link to her website
Ani’s book Self Love as Spiritual Practice is available on Amazon. Currently it is only available in paper back format. 
We are in the process of re branding our podcast with a new name but we’ll still be bring you the great dialogues you have gotten to love. We also may soon be doing some video content as well so stay tuned. 

56 – Self Love 7: Practice Self Love in the Now: Colt and Stransky

Episode 56: Ani and Truda jump into a lively discussion of Self Love as they step us through the lessons of Ani’s book Self Love as Spiritual Practice — Nine Keys to Loving Yourself.

Here is a link if you would like to buy the book. Self Love
It appears that the book is only available in paperback at the present time. 

In this episode Ani mentions a book she loves, Power vs. Force, the Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkings. 

52 – Self Love 6: Use Self Love to Heal and Grow:
Colt & Stransky

Episode 52: The team of Colt and Stransky investigate the meaning of the fifth key in the book Ani Colt authored: Self Love as Spiritual Practice, 9 Keys to Loving Yourself. 
At about 26 minutes in, Ani talks about “Spiritual v Religious”. There is a recent article printed in VOX about a poll to try and get a handle on this issue.


Here is an excerpt from that article: 

“Yet, each of the people I spoke to agree that spirituality, in some sense, is beneficial to them, even if they see that spirituality as opposed to organized religion. Their anecdotal evidence bears out another element of the PRRI study: Spiritual people are, generally, happier, than nonspiritual people. According to the study, 61 percent of spiritual but not religious people and 70 percent of spiritual and religious people reported being “very” or “completely” satisfied with their life, compared to just 53 percent of those who were religious but not spiritual, and 47 percent of those who were neither.”

50 – Self Love 5: Accept Yourself and Your Feelings:
Colt and Stransky

Episode 50: The team of Colt and Stransky take on the fourth key in the book Self Love as Spiritual Practice. Accept Yourself and Your Feeling. Listen to the Author talk with a trained psychoanalyst about this important topic.

47 – Self Love 4: Intend to Love Yourself | Love Your Whole Self: Colt & Stransky

Episode 47: Ani Colt and Truda Stransky dig deep into the Second and Third Keys to Self Love: Intend to Love Yourself and Love Your Whole Self. A great discussion around intention and how we all live in the world.

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45 – Self Love! 3: The First Key: Know the All-Loving GODD:
Colt and Stransky

Episode 45: Colt and Stransky dive into the First Key for Loving Yourself: Know the All-Loving Good. In this the third episode in the series, the team of Colt and Stransky take on the first key, in the book Self Love as Spiritual Practice, which was authored by Ani. It is a joy to listen to them work together as they dig deep into the vision of God or the source or the creator, whichever term works for you. There have lots of different ways we think and believe but the message here is about knowing the quality of Godd that is all loving. 

39 – Self Love! 2: Why we don’t practice self love:
Colt and Stransky

Episode 39: Colt and Stransky talk about some of the reasons we have trouble loving ourselves. They jump into the things that happen when we are children. These two make a good team. This is the second in the Loving Me! series on Self Love. The next episode in this series will get into the book Self Love as Spiritual Practice by Ani Colt. The book is available on Amazon.

36 – Self Love! 1: You Deserve to Love Yourself:
Colt and Stransky

Episode 36: Ani Colt and Truda Stransky get deep into the concept of self love and why it is important to all of us. They really enjoy each other and it shows as they go back and forth about their work and lives. They also discuss Ani’s book Self Love as Spiritual Practice: Nine Keys to Loving Yourself. The book is available on Amazon. 

Good Grief!

49 – Good Grief 3: Supporting a parent in dementia:
Joe Kelly

Episode 49: We met Joe and his family at a local restaurant sitting outside looking at the expanse of grass and trees at our local public golf course. We took an immediate liking to Joe. We learned that his father lives in one of the two 55+ apartment buildings in our neighborhood, and that his father is suffering with dementia.

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The slow process of dementia has been taking Joe’s father from his family over the last three or four years. Joe spends a lot of time supporting his father. In our conversation with Joe we talked about how his father has given him the tools he needed to create his own path. Joe’s stories speak to the reality of dealing with life and the inevitability of dying.

Joe gives his father a lot of credit for his success, including creating and selling a businesses and creating a new one.

Here is a list that his father gave him early in his career.


I have a clear sense of purpose. I know what needs to be done.

I am persistent. I invest whatever time or effort required.

I have self-knowledge. I understand my own strengths and weaknesses.

I am a perpetual learner. I am constantly developing new skills.

I love my work. I see it as an adventure.

I have the ability to attract and energize people through example.

I am emotionally mature. I accept people for how they are – not how I want them to be. I deal with the present – not the past. I don’t take people for granted. I trust people. I don’t need constant approval.

I am a risk taker. I have a strong sense of purpose and I am fearless.

I see mistakes as opportunities and learning experiences.

I know that leaders are followers – they strive to serve the needs of others.

Joe currently owns a BitCoin Financial Services company located in Austin. Here is a link to his company’s web site :https://unchained.com/Some of Joe’s friends are associated with Qualia Research Institute

34 – Good Grief! 2 – “Your Father is Dead”: How siblings processed Grief:
Nancy Jackson and Preston “Ty” Tyree

Episode 34: Nancy Jackson and our own Preston “Ty” Tyree talk about the death of their Father, Mother and Brother  Their Father died in an automobile crash on his way to move a refrigerator at her property in the woods. Their mother died after a long illness and Nancy was with her at the end.  Their brother Ned died estranged and it was difficult for both of them. This discussion has some moments of laughter and joy. We welcome your feed back on our series on grief.

32 – Good Grief! 1 – A Jungian look at Loss and Grief:
Truda Stransky

Episode 32: Truda has been a psychoanalyst for 36 years. She is still working with clients via the internet but she sat down with us in the studio to talk about her Jungian view of grief. Loss is real and everyone experiences it. What we heard from Truda is that everyone deals with it in their own way. Truda also was gracious enough to talk about her own grief. This is the beginning of a special series on Grief where our guests will talk about how they have dealt with their losses and the resulting grief.

On Politics!

57 – On Politics! 01: Austin City Council District 9: Ben Leffler

Episode 57: Running for Austin City Council: Ben Leffler

Welcome to On Politics! A series of podcasts that give us a chance to get know our elected officials better by asking things questions about the things that are important to them. Of course we will also ask about those subjects that are important to us and our neighbors. 

We are right in the middle of the 2022 primary season and are going to be talking with some of the people who are running for office in Austin, TX. 

Austin is divided into 10 council districts and has a Mayor who is elected by the entire city. 

Today, to get us started, we’ll be talking with Ben Leffler who has filed to be a candidate for City Council in District 9 in Austin. District 9 covers most of downtown Austin and some of the close in neighborhoods. It does cover the neighborhood that Ani and I live in, Mueller. 

Ben has a great background for a politician. He has a Bachelor in Government and a Masters in Policy. He has worked for elected officials and is a long time Austin resident, raising a family in a close-in neighborhood. 

He was doing a Meet and Greet in our neighborhood and It struck me that this election season was a great time to broaden our podcast focus and talk to people who are stepping up to run for office.
Ben is running on a platform that is focussed on making Austin a great place for all of its citizens, to be able to work, live, and play.  Here is a link to his website.
 Ben Leffler for District 9

During our conversation, Ben mentioned a couple of places that I think need to be recognized. 

Foundations Communities: is a non-profit that is providing the wrap-around services and housing to get people off the streets and started on a new life. They have over 20 facilities in Austin serving a population of over 7,000.

Vic and Als Cajun Restaurant:  A good local spot with great food and an Austin vibe.

Let’s build something great together.

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