Poetry by Preston

I’ve been writing poetry since Jr. High. Published one book and won first prize in State of Texas Senior Games, 1999.

W. Preston Tyree

Sometimes it is difficult to remember who I am.

I like to say I’m an engineer, and yes, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, but that was just the beginning. I have also been an athlete (runner [cross country, mile, two mile, 10K], wrestling (high school, college), lacrosse, soccer [goalkeeper, coach, referee]), farm hand, paper machine helper, finance department runner, sports car racer, singer, actor, husband (twice), father (twice), grandfather (six times), businessman, newspaper delivery, graduate student, bicyclist (six continents, road racing, mountain bike racing), international businessman (26 countries), League Cycling Instructor, bicycle safety coach, safe routes to school national trainer, bike mechanic, graphic artist, printer, network marketer, adventurer, author, auditor, advocate, lobbyist, volunteer, adjunct professor (Alabama, Missouri, Texas – international marketing, micro & macro economics, introduction to business), education director (both state and national organizations), expert witness, board member/officer, manufacturing manager, assistant manager in a quarry/kiln operation, pet shop employee, strike breaker, product manager, cost accountant, director of marketing, lab technician, small business owner, non profit executive, podcaster, social club organizer, street designer, public safety commissioner, task force member, and award winning poet. I didn’t make money at all of those but I did them all. 

When you get as old as I am you’ve probably done some stuff too

What I Do

I’m retired but still do some teaching and occasionally serve as an expert witness specializing in bicycle crashes.


Chapbook: Bicycle Poems

These are poems that I have written in my head during bicycle rides. There is something about the rhythm of the pedals that lends itself to dreaming poems.

This file is a PDF of a booklet and can be printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper landscape, set to double sided, folded and stapled.

Chapbook: Wars Kill People

Poems about the insanity of war.

This file is a PDF of a booklet and can be printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper landscape, set to double sided folded and stapled.

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